Virginia Homeschooling – Is it Legal? – Homeschooling

Thinking about homeschooling your children in Virginia? While homeschooling is legal in Virginia, parents need to review the applicable Virginia homeschooling law because Virginia is one of the few states which provides detailed requirements for homeschooling. This article will review some of the main requirements of the law.Code of Virginia Section 22.1-254.1 sets forth the state requirements for Virginia homeschooling. The statute applies to children between the ages of five and 18. Parents providing instruction must have at least a high school diploma or meet one of three other qualifying requirements.Parents are required to notify the division superintendent each August of their intent to homeschool their children and provide the curriculum to be followed and which of the four qualifying criteria they meet. Following the first year of instruction, there are additional requirements for progress reports which include either state mandated testing or some other specified evaluation procedure. In the event children are not making satisfactory progress as measured by testing or an individual assessment by certain persons specified in the law, the homeschool can be placed on probation for one year and the parents are required to submit a remediation plan.The law provides an exemption for children receiving religious instruction or who do not attend school for religious reasons. However, the statute provides some tough guidelines in this area so mere religious belief or moral objection will be insufficient to warrant an exemption.Parents homeschooling children in Virginia would do well to join a homeschooling association or affiliate with a homeschooling school or do both to receive the guidance they need to comply with Virginia’s law on homeschooling since failure to comply with the law will involve the parents in activities that will take away for the time and resources needed for teaching their children.This article has highlighted some of the main features of the homeschooling law in Virginia and is intended to be informational and not the giving of legal advice. Parents should seek the services of a competent attorney or government official to discuss their individual situation.